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L-theanine Review, Caffeine, B-Vitamins
Caffeine and L-Theanine, Taurine, and B-Vitamins

Why is L-Theanine a great add-on to your morning coffee? It is said to help even out some of the “jaggedness” and even out the effects of Caffeine so that you get the energy and clear-headedness of Caffeine without the anxiety. What makes L-theanine (in conjunction with caffeine) this a great way to delve into […]

Brain Boost Supplement Review
Brain Boost

Even more than Alpha Brain of other supplements I’ve tried of this variety, this one struck me as simply a multi-vitamin type thing. Maybe you think it works, maybe you don’t – nothing noticeable whatsoever. I can’t report much on this – since I felt almost nothing to speak of. I suppose I can mention […]

Alpha Brain - Onnit Review
Alpha Brain

Call it faith, call it superstition or what have you but I’ve very much enjoyed taking Alpha Brain for a couple months. I think perhaps the idea of taking a supplement for cognitive ability, the professional packaging, and being intentional about other healthy ways of treating my brain was easier to remember to do since […]

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