Modafinil is considered a ‘wakefulness promoting agent’ but is touted to not give you the jitteriness of a Adderall or other medicines to treat things like ADD. It’s grown in popularity since it’s been associated with movies like ‘limitless’, as some kind of wonder drug.

The most common brand of Modafinil (available by prescription) is Provigil and at present I can only share the experiences of others – as I haven’t ever had a prescription to Modafinil.

Here is Dave Asprey talking about Modafinil:


Another review of Modafinil by Ameer Rosic:


According to Peter Borden in a New York Magazine article says he felt a fuzziness – and a crisp alertness. He said as long as he kept taking the pill his focus never wavered.

Is Modafinil legal to take in the United States without a prescription? No – but there are knockoff types of supplements that are similar and may have different side effects that are available, for instance Adrafinil and Hydrafinil. You can read more in-depth about people’s experiences trying to import it on Quora.

If you’re interested in a sharing a more in-depth experience with Modafinil here – please send me an e-mail.