Why is L-Theanine a great add-on to your morning coffee? It is said to help even out some of the “jaggedness” and even out the effects of Caffeine so that you get the energy and clear-headedness of Caffeine without the anxiety. What makes L-theanine (in conjunction with caffeine) this a great way to delve into Nootropics without actually buying into Modafinil or Aniracetam is that it’s not really a drug – but a supplement.

I find the promised effects to be fairly consistent – though the lowering of anxiety I’d say is not super pronounced. I think what’s more useful is that it seems to even out the end of the energy rush you get from caffeine.

Part of what I’ll rate this stack so high on, however is how much I think Caffeine / coffee and even adding a small amount of Taurine and B-Vitamins into this kind of regular supplementation is probably the best way to get the most out of your caffeine intake.

The addition of taurine and b-vitamins is significant and not to be overlooked. I’ve measured pure caffeine, and/or drank coffee, and not experienced the same amount of energy as adding supplementation of powder Taurine and B-Vitamins. I did this as an experiment to isolate any other variables that might be adding to the energy in something like Red Bull.

But essentially one great way to get all of these three is ‘Energy Rush’ drink mix packets on Amazon for basically 35 cents a piece – obviously much less than you’ll spend on a red bull or even knock off Red Bull brands at a gas station.

Also don’t forget to add the L-Theanine!