I don’t suggest using this if like me you are not intending to feel some euphoria and some feeling of pleasure in your body. For me, as I intended to take this to create clear-headedness, the side effect of what might be approaching a kind of high – made me uncomfortable.

I am experimenting with Nootropics because I think that there have to be certain things that can enhance cognition – but being that some of these things also can create physical sensations that some people might abuse causes me a bit of concern.

I didn’t feel like the cognition enhancing nature of Aniracetam and Choline was enough to overlook a certain sense of ‘high’ that it caused. Yes, many people have documented that there are not any known examples of side-effects from Aniracetam, but if it gives you a distinctly pleasurable physical sensation, than it could definitely be habit forming, am I right?

I don’t want to be high, I want to think more clearly

Anyways, I just want to speak to my own experience… my grievance is weirdly with the fact that it made me feel good. I had a bit more energy, including mental energy, and I had a ‘brain tingle’ that might be akin to a strong caffeinated feeling. When taking Aniracetam, I took around 3,000 MG twice daily for around 3 days, and the feeling seemed to compound.

Perhaps my combination is what really seemed too much for me though, I’d say what really concerned when I took it in conjunction with Adrafinil, because the feel good sensation increased. I really didn’t feel like I wanted to take these things to feel that, and all in all the energizing nature, and any cognitive increase was detracted by some of these physical / almost speedy type feelings. Like I said, if there’s something that starts to approach that, might suggestion might be to be very careful about that.

Perhaps a turning point in my own consideration of experimentation with cognitive enhancement

Full disclosure, I am in recovery for addiction, and so my reluctance to try things that might accidentally get me high might be beyond yours. For someone like me – I think it’s important to step back and possibly move to some of the natural things like exercise, more water, goal-setting and affirmations, getting enough sleep and proper nutrition. Sounds silly – but this might be my route, and in this case I will share those experiments and perhaps have people that aren’t in recovery share their experiences with Nootropics here. If there are natural cognition enhancers or things with very low risk for getting someone ‘high’ than I will be more likely to review those.