Guest article by Jacob from 

There are a lot of mixed opinions on Piracetam, and for good reason: it’s very inconsistent. It is perhaps the most widely used nootropic of all time, which is expected considering that it has been around for over 50 years.

Even among regular users, the effects seem inconsistent. In my own experience this inconsistency holds true as well. Some times it do nothing, or worse cause brain fog and irritation. Other times it would profound cerebral effects that were unlike any other experience I’ve had.

I almost found Piracetam to be more recreational than anything, which is strange because that’s quite the opposite purpose of nootropics and of my own goals and intentions in using them. But I did not find Piracetam to be a reliable agent for improving productivity.

Overall piracetam seemed to expand my mind and invoke more abstract thinking and creativity. It also greatly enhanced music appreciation, which you may hear others describe in their reports as well. For the most part I ended up using it for playing video games and listening to music. This is because I found it to be a sort of experience-enhancer, which is not quite what I was initially intending to use it for.

My doses were 4.8g taken once or twice daily with a choline source, for me at the time it was a 1g dose of acetylcarnitine (ALCAR) which indirectly increases levels of acetylcholine quite reliably. I also found it to be synergistic with fish oil as well.