Call it faith, call it superstition or what have you but I’ve very much enjoyed taking Alpha Brain for a couple months. I think perhaps the idea of taking a supplement for cognitive ability, the professional packaging, and being intentional about other healthy ways of treating my brain was easier to remember to do since I was thinking about it more.

There are various takes around the net about the legitimacy of this supplement. The one linked talks about claims specifically GPC choline and says that it being used to increase memory was not scientific because it wasn’t a ‘blind’ test – and that the doses in the study were as much as 10x that in Alpha Brain.

Keeping in mind all of the above, I did feel some kind of increased cognitive ability – whether it be real or imagined. Was it as striking as a narcotic or something? No, it felt subtle, and could’ve been similar to when you ‘feel healthier’ taking vitamins! I don’t care!

  • I had a tingle in the brain a bit more.
  • I felt a bit more mental energy.
  • I felt like I remembered things a bit more.
  • I didn’t have more lucid dreams like some people have reported.