For research purposes, I tried Adrafinil in a powder form – and tried two consecutive days with two 400MG doses.  The first time I took them somewhat close to each other, and the second time I took them separated by some time. Both times I drank some kind of caffeine with them, but the second time I waited some time before doing so to see what effect the Adrafinil had without.

Because Adrafinil is more for energy or perhaps focus than improved mental faculties, it’s effects can be felt and examined without repeated use. My goals for trying memory, thinking, and concentration aids such as these is to be better at my work – I felt that Adrafinil had a somewhat noticeable effect doing this the first time, and less so the second time.

The feeling of Adrafinil

I perceived a pleasant tingle in the brain, and a bit more energy – but honestly the second day when I loaded on the caffeine, the Adrafinil seemed to have a lesser effect. Adrafinil takes time to metabolize (into modafinil) and can mess with liver function with regular use.

Overall, I don’t think it would be good to take this on a regular basis, but could be used as an occasional boost for energy or concentration – also really doesn’t seem to be something that would be pleasant to mis-use,  so that’s good.

“Concentration Magnet” – Brain supplements and subjectivity

After reading several people’s experiences on Reddit I saw people describing a ‘magnetizing’ effect when they concentrate on something while taking Adrafinil, and in a light way I could see kind of what they mean, but overall – when people talk about an effect that’s ‘hard to understand’ or ‘explain,’ I can’t help but think that some of it’s in their head, and I don’t feel like spending money on something that’s totally subjective. I’m really on the search for anything that will truly supplement brain function on going.