I love affirmations to help create a positive mindset. Some would even say that neural pathways are built from repeated use – creating the thinking patterns that would help you be your best self. I just know – I enjoy them 🙂

I’ve utilized what are referred to as Binaural Beats – and intermittent Trap beat Instrumental to give some interest, and variety for listening.


Full Text of the affirmations for energy and Motivation:



I am full of energy today                                          – I create positive change


I am motivated for what I need to do today          – I am full of love and joy


I am excited about my work and to do my best at what I do – I am always growing


I love what I do, and becoming better and better – Life is good


I create solutions and work to be a positive force.   – It feels good to smile


My life is fulfilling and I am excited to be alive.    – I help people


I am powerful, and love working hard                   – It feels good to get things done


Nothing is better than knocking out my to do list – I prioritize my important tasks


Life is beautiful and I’m happy to be alive                        – I create positive change


I am motivated about what I need to today        – I am filled with energy and love


When I succeed it helps those around me- I am grateful to life for my powerful mind


As I boldly step towards me dream, the universe conspires to help me


I am deeply motivated to succeed                                   – I am grateful for so many things


I am inspiring to be around, and help people just by smiling and being positive


Life has equipped me with my mind      –          an incredibly powerful tool


I can’t help but think of my strengths, my disposition, my thirst for the positive and how I’m incredibly grateful for these tools –


The deck is stacked in my favor                  – So many things about life have been stacked in my favor.  It’s amazing.


It feels good to be alive, healthy, and full of love and joy – The universe conspires to help me as I step boldly towards me goal.


I am full of energy and am extremely motivated to succeed.            I believe I will win at what I’m trying to do with all of my heart.