Why are people getting excited about Nootropics in a business center like Silicon Valley? Well if anything promises to give a mental boost you can see why people might be a bit curious, and Nootropics are becoming big business.

We all know the short-term benefits of coffee on our perceived cognitive ability, and at least our energy. Things like adderall that generally treat ADHD have been used to study for tests for college and get more energy in long work stretches – besides the tendency for it’s greater abuse. These cognitive enhancers clearly do something significant in the brain, but if it’s not prescribed or narcotic – or coffee, there are quite a few detractors – that say that these supplements don’t do much.

Enough people in Silicon valley and beyond believe they are helping them, that at least a placebo effect is in full force. From Tech Crunch: “Is someone you work with taking Provigil to give them an extra competitive edge? I’ve spoken with one executive who says he uses it regularly to work twenty hour days, and the buzz lately is that it’s the “entrepreneur’s drug of choice” around Silicon Valley. Over the last week two separate entrepreneurs have mentioned it casually in conversation, and one said he tried it once and loved it.”

The main thing for me is that I don’t want to mess around with anything that’s on the side of drugs. I only am interested in things that aren’t habit-forming and won’t mess with my mind long-term. I think that Modafinil, and Provigil might be on the side of over the line, but if you bring it back perhaps the other ones aren’t really doing anything besides the placebo effect.

On the safe side



Omega-3 Fish Oil

Coconut Oil

Artichoke Extract + Forskolin


On the More Intense Side

Modafinil, Provigil

Phenylpiracetam, with Choline