The #75 Hard challenge is a particularly difficult ‘mental toughness challenge’ that is one part fitness – and two parts daily habits that will help you be healthier and move your life forward.

Here’s the Podcast that intros the 75Hard – it’s a gallon a day, 2 workouts, 10 pages reading, no alcohol, a progress pic and following a diet of your choice with no cheat meals (more details below in this post:)

One man’s experience with the #75Hard Challenge:

I’ve found this to be extremely useful – particularly in the middle of a world pandemic where everyone seems scared to move forward and obsessed with their problems – in short this is what it’s done for me:

  • Helped me break out of a physical plateau I’ve been stuck at for a long time (down 15 pounds, body looking better than college.)
  • Knocked out like 5 paper books so far, and feeling deeply interested in personal development right now.
  • Business starting to get tighter and more effective, as I’ve started using the ‘Power list’ to identify and push on the most important habits I can push on as a CEO.
  • My skin looks good – lol. Water is great, and helps with mood.

I’ll include my before and after photo here when I’m done.

Difficulties mentally: It is hard to do this with a wife that doesn’t always understand why I’m so hardcore (vibe wise,) so it has been harder in that respect in my experience.

I’ve also added in NO CAFFEINE – to push myself the last 25 days, but that’s not required, and I just did it because I already don’t drink so that parts not hard.

What is The 75Hard Challenge?

You do each of these items every day for 75 days – no days off:

  1. Drink a gallon of water a day (no additives whatsover, no sparkling water)
  2. Work out twice a day – and at least one has to be outside (you can make the outdoor one a walk or a bike ride – which I’ve found helpful.)
  3. Read 10 Pages a day – Audiobooks don’t count.
  4. Take a progress pic.
  5. No alcohol.
  6. Follow a diet – your choice but no cheat meals

Why Should You Do The 75Hard?

If you are looking for an opportunity to level up your mindset – 75Hard might be a great option.

You don’t have to be a fan of Andy Frisella – in fact I’m not particular into his style of communication, to see massive benefit from a mental toughness challenge like this.

In fact – just the fun of the challenge, trying something that is difficult but you know will lead to significant physical results for someone who tries it is pretty motivating.

As I write this – I’m on day 61 of the 75 Day challenge, and I already am significantly exhausted by it, but committed to go all the way.

If you do get your ass kicked by the challenge here are 3 Facebook Groups to join to stay motivated, and have accountability:

  1. 75 Hard Dominators
  2. 75 Hard
  3. 75 Hard !!

Here’s the 75Hard Day / Habit Trackers for those of you that want to use them on Instagram or other accountability methods:

What is Phase One, Phase Two, and Phase Three after the 75Hard challenge?

I was confused by the language around ‘Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3’ related to the 75 Hard – and so I thought I’d gather what I heard about these phases after listening to this podcast:

Phase 1 – after 75 Hard

Phase one should be done in the same calendar year as your initial 75 Hard – you do all the same stuff PLUS: A 5 Minute COLD SHOWER, and THREE POWER LIST TASKS, and 10 MINUTES OF VISUALIZATION AROUND YOUR IDEAL LIFE.

What is a power list?

  • Choose things that move you forward in your business and life.
  • The actual activities that will
  • For instance, I chose reaching out podcasts or to speak – meditating 5 minutes in the morning, and writing 100 words towards the book I’m currently writing.

Here’s the podcast episode where Andy Frisella talks more about the Power List:

Phase 2 – after 75 Hard

Phase two – Andy suggests taking a 30 day break in between phase 2 and phase 3.

It’s all the same things as the normal 75 Hard program for 30 days. I believe it’s intended to re-solidify the habits, and ensure it’s not for nothing.

The time you take off between phases doesn’t mean you fall of all of the stuff entirely.

Phase 3 – after 75 Hard

Phase 3 – adds back the cold shower, 3 power list tasks – and adds in:

  • Talk to a stranger
  • 1 random act of kindness

Do you have to do the phases after 75 Hard?

No not necessarily –

From what I understand these phases are intended to be useful to those who want to maintain their mental toughness and set their life up for deeper progress, related to the program.